Q.   When is an appraisal needed? 
A.    There are various circumstances that would require an appraisal of personal property
  • Insurance policies or riders to a policy sometime require a professionally written Appraisal Report to properly insure a collection for its true value.
  • In the aftermath of a disaster such as hurricane, flood, or fire, a professional appraiser of personal property can assist in recovering payment for lost assets.
  • In the event of divorce, an appraisal of marital property can provide a level playing field for both parties and the attorneys involved.
  • For the liquidation or transfer of personal property through private sales, tax-deductible donations, or probate issues, a professionally prepared appraisal report is useful and in many cases, an actual requirement. 
Q.     If I need to sell the contents of my parents’ home, what is the best method? 
A.     Cotton & Associates Auctions, LLC offers free consultations to discuss the options available based of the various issues present in          each situation. 
Q.    How do I compare companies to ensure that I receive ethical, reliable service? 
A.    There are many service providers in the industry and each company that is considered should be interviewed to determine: 
  • Professional training of the principles
  • Membership and code of ethics required of the principles the variety of services offered by the company
  • Fee structure for services and follow-up after the sale 
Q.     Do auctioneers receive continuing education in their profession? 
A.     In addition to meeting all the state requirements for the states in which they are licensed, the auctioneers at Cotton & Associates            maintain membership in professional organizations and receive continuing professional education and training. 
Q.     If I need assistance with estate liquidation outside the Pensacola area, can Cotton & Associates provide that service?
A.     The company can assist with professional services in any location. The principles of the company will travel to any location for                consultation or through the national network can confidently recommend professionals in any part of the United States.
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