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Selling or buying real estate justifies engaging the services of a Real Estate professional.
Through the traditional MLS process, Don has represented dozens of sellers and buyers while working as a Realtor, with ERA Old South Properties in Pensacola. When it’s time to sell, call Don for a no-cost, market analysis of your home’s value and discuss the strategies necessary to sell quickly in today’s changing market.
Sellers and buyers can realize significant advantages when using the Auction Method of Marketing. Real Estate auctions are more commonly used in other countries than in the US, for example, in Australia 85% of all real estate sold, is sold at auction. In the US, auctions have not been the common approach to real estate sales. The auction method of marketing, allows the seller to schedule the selling date of the property. The buyer, at real estate auctions, pays the fair market value as of that date and is not dependant upon the historical perspective for establishing a price.
Our Real Estate Auction Services utilizes today’s technology by offering the properties to buyers in a world-wide market.
Don Cotton, Realtor 
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  • Selling real estate at auction allows the Seller to schedule the sales date and eliminate the month-to-month holding costs of property.  Properly advertised real estate auctions create multiple bids at the same time and allows property to sell without being limited by records of past sales.
  • Buying real estate at auction allows the Buyer to make a purchase based on fair market value of the property as of the day of sale and not be limited to the predetermined prices. 
  • The Accelerated Method of Marketing can be used effectively by Buyers and Sellers without delays and costs of the traditional sales approach.
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